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An Update From the Cleveland Industrial Training Center: 

"When it comes to training your Swiss CNC Machinists, there is no substitute for HANDS-ON…and WE are the ONLY institution doing it!


This is the perfect program for those transitioning to Swiss CNC technology or those taking the next step to programming and set-ups.
Learn more about the program.
Our next 5-week evening session begins Oct. 1st.  Contact Tim Duffy at tduffy@citcohio.com for more information.”

Visit the Concentric Team at Citizen/Miyano Booth # 339419 at IMTS! 

 IMTS 2018

Concentric Corporation is pleased to announce our participation in the upcoming IMTS, September 10-15.  Citizen CNC Swiss-Type and Miyano CNC Mill/Turn production solutions will be featured in Marubeni Citizen-Cincom/Miyano booth 339419.  The booth will feature 14 tooled machines, running parts to highlight our mutual quest for excellence.

What will we be running?  You can take a sneak peek here.
Together, we celebrate the dynamic future we have created through our continued focus on automation, reduced non-cut time, and modular machine capability.  Demonstrated equipment includes (9) Citizen and (5) Miyano machines. 

Be sure to visit, where you will “Experience the Difference”. 

General show information can be found at www.imts.com.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Concentric is Proud to Announce our 2nd Annual Open House!  


Our Low Frequency Vibration Cutting Technology
Will be Shown on the L12VII Pictured Above.

Open House Details:

Date: Wednesday, July 11th
Time: 4:00 - 8:00 PM
Location: Our technical center - 9321 Mercantile Dr., Mentor, OH.

Featured will be our Citizen Cincom L12VII with our revolutionary low frequency vibration cutting technology demonstrating its unique chip breaking capability while machining a copper component, and our Citizen Miyano BNX-51MSY with its unmatched multi-tasking capability powered by our proprietary subspindle superimposition technology.

**RSVP now to info@concentriccorporation.com to have your name entered into our Citizen watch raffle at this exciting event!  Your name must be submitted in advance to be entered.**

This invitation is open to all from your company who can benefit from this opportunity.
Come join us for catered cuisine, refreshments, and the most cutting edge technology we have to offer!
We hope that you can join us!  
Concentric Customer, Profile Grinding Inc., Featured in this Month’s Modern Machine Shop!  

Bass Guitar

Learn about how Profile Grinding is more than just your standard grinding house.  Per the article, 60% of their manufactured parts also go through their Citizen Cincom Swiss-type turning centers, mills, or multitasking mill/turns.  Through this unique combination of technology and skillsets, Profile has managed to rise above the competition!

See Article.
Citizen’s MC 2000 Laser System Featured in Production Machining Magazine 

Citizen CNC Machine

Citizen continues to stand at the forefront of Swiss-type technology with their MC 2000 modular laser system.  Be sure to read this month’s article in Production Machining magazine on how Citizen combined traditional Swiss-type machining and laser cutting on one revolutionary machine platform.  This article discusses how a spring manufacturer, Economy Spring, segued into Swiss machining and Citizen’s laser system to better service their clients in the medical device industry.  Learn how Citizen and it’s exciting laser technology opened up entirely new business opportunities for the company!   READ ARTICLE 

Troy Innovative on “Keeping Current with the Medical Machining Market”
Concentric customer Troy Innovative of Middlefield, OH, was prominently featured in the most recent issue of Production Machining magazine.  Be sure to read this excellent article on how Troy Innovative has stayed at the forefront of today’s medical machining industry.  Read Featured Article.

 Troy Innovative CNC machine

Citizen M32-series Swiss-type Lathe 

Chip Control Headaches Are a Thing of the Past!  

Citizen Citizen’s Low Frequency Vibration (LFV) cutting technology has taken the Swiss machining world by storm.  Watch this excellent before/after video of Citizen’s LFV cutting Nickel Silver.  This technology, now available on our L20 machine platform (and soon to be on L12), will improve your throughput and end your chip control headaches for good.  Completely programmable chip control is now here, tied directly into your spindle rotation.  We will break your chip! 


Spend Quality Time With Us at the AMTS Dayton Show…

Dayton AMTS Show

…And be sure to bring your business card for your chance to win your very own Citizen watch!  Join the Concentric team at the Dayton AMTS show on October 18th and 19th.  The show will be held again this year at the Dayton Convention Center.  Be sure to visit booth # 105 to see our exciting Citizen L220X featuring a Y-axis on the subspindle for unparalleled multi-tasking capability. We’ll also be displaying the MiJET “Clean Parts, Clean Air” system.  Now you can keep your work environment clean and safe, and recycle your cutting oil and chips!

For more show information, please visit http://2017.daytonamts.com.   We’ll see you there!

Ohio Incumbent Workforce Training Voucher Program Information!

Online Applications Will be Available Beginning September 25, 2017

The Ohio Incumbent Workforce Training Voucher Program has made the following changes to the program for FY'18.

  • Reimbursement will be made at 33% of the actual cost of training not to exceed the award amount.
  • Each eligible applicant will be eligible for up to $25,000 in assistance.
  • Companies that received Voucher Program assistance in FY’16 (based upon FEIN) who utilized 33% or less of their award amount will not be eligible for assistance in FY’18.
  • FY’18 (Round 6) awards will reimburse training that begins and is completed between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018.
  • Only the applicant company may submit the application.
  • Incumbent Employee is defined as an individual directly employed by a qualifying employer for six months or longer.  Employees that have been employed less than six months are not eligible.

Businesses can begin the online process on September 25, 2017.  The online applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and can be submitted on October 12, 2017 between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

For more information about the Ohio Incumbent Workforce Training Voucher Program visit http://development.ohio.gov/bs/bs_wtvp.htm.

For additional assistance, contact Shannon Vanderpool at (614) 644-8560 or Shannon.Vanderpool@development.ohio.gov.

Our Sincere Thanks For an Outstanding Open House!

Concentric Open House

We want to extend our gratitude to all of those that participated in our very first Concentric Open House on June 28th.  The event, held at our new Technical Center in Mentor, OH, was a tremendous success with over 70 visitors coming to see our Citizen L32X and Miyano BNA-42DHY.  Special thanks to our valued partners who also contributed or exhibited at the event, including:  Cutting Edge Fluids, Boston Centerless, GenSwiss, KEB, Masa Tool, NTK, Iscar, Inspection Engineering, KEB, Esprit, Hardinge, and Firetrace. 

After this tremendously positive experience, our Open House will surely become an annual event.  Thank you for all of your support!  Additional pictures of the event can be found on our Concentric Facebook Page

How New GenSwiss Accessories Can Improve Your Performance

Six cutting tools

Scott Laprade of GenSwiss has an excellent feature in this month’s Production Machining magazine highlighting some of Gen’s newest cutting edge products.  This article goes into excellent detail on how you can significantly improve the efficiency of your Swiss-type lathe.  Don’t miss this piece!  

An Update From the Cleveland Industrial Training Center 

"When it comes to training your Swiss CNC Machinists, there is no substitute for HANDS-ON…and WE are the ONLY institution doing it!


This is the perfect program for those transitioning to Swiss CNC technology or those taking the next step to programming and set-ups.
Learn more about the program.

Our next 5-week evening session begins May 30th.  Contact Tim Duffy at tduffy@citcohio.com for more information.”

Electrifying Time with Tesla at the ADM Cleveland Show!

(L to R): Adam Gent,Matt Klecka, JB Straubel

Pictured (L to R): Adam Gent of Gent Machine, Matt Klecka of Concentric, JB Straubel, co-founder and chief technology officer of Tesla.

Fascinating Editorial on In-Process Gaging on the Citizen M32 

In Process Gaging on the Citizen M32

The Citizen M32 Swiss-type turning center was prominently featured in a “Measuring Components” article discussing in-process gaging.  The machine was outfit with a TC76-DIGILOG touch probe from Blum-Novotest (www.blum-novotest.com).  Read about this exciting application of internal gaging now!  Click here…
The PMTS Show is Almost Here!   

PMTS 2017The PMTS Show in Columbus, OH, is right around the corner.  Running from April 25th – 27th, the PMTS show is an excellent opportunity to see the latest Citizen and Miyano advancements live, up close, and personal. The Concentric team will be stationed in Marubeni Citizen-Cincom booth # 315 along with the finest production machine tools in the world today.

Machines to be displayed include:

Citizen L220VIII w/ Low Frequency Vibration Cutting – End your chip control headaches with LFV!
Citizen M432VIII  - Sophisticated Swiss-type turret machine with B-axis capability
Citizen L12 – Modular design, low price, and high speed make this perfect for small parts
Citizen L220VIII w/ L2000 Laser System – Swiss machining and laser cutting on one platform
Citizen L32XII – B-axis machining capability on this rigid, operator-friendly machine platform
Miyano BNJ-51SY6 – 2” bar capacity, dual turret w/ Y-axis on main turret, with Fanuc 0i-TF control, and Citizen's powerful subspindle superimposition technology
Miyano BNX-51MSY – 2” bar capacity, 12-station turret with Y-axis, and Citizen’s powerful subspindle superimposition technology

Please visit and see how Citizen/Miyano productivity and Concentric support can forever change your shopfloor! Show information can be found at www.pmts.com.   We’ll see you there!

Spots Still Available!  

Cleveland Industrial Training Center

Cleveland Industrial Training Center has several classroom spots still available for their Swiss operations/set-up class beginning on January 30th.  It is a 5 week evening class session.  For more information, please contact Tim Duffy of CITC at TDuffy@citcohio.com.  Hurry up as these seats are sure to be filled!
Citizen-Cincom’s LFV Technology Cutting Nylon

Watch Citizen-Cincom’s Low Frequency Vibration (LFV) technology break these nylon chips! 

The NEW Miyano BNX-51MSY! 


The 2" bar capacity Miyano BNX-51MSY features a 12-station turret (all positions live capable) w/ Y-axis.  What sets this machine apart is the revolutionary subspindle superimposition technology. 

So what does this superimposition technology do that's so revolutionary?

  • Independent drilling on the main and subspindle, like a 2-turret machine!
  • Independent turning, like a 2-turret machine!
  • Independent boring, like a 2-turret machine!
  • Independent threading (different pitch), like a 2-turret machine!
  • Independent live milling/drilling, like a 2-turret machine!

The BNX-51MSY also features an auto safe tool call.  There's no need to send X home.  Save yourself cycle time!  Oh, and don’t worry -  the BNX-51MSY features Miyano’s legendary box ways and rigid machine design.

Introducing Low Frequency Vibration (LFV) Cutting!

The solution to all your chip problems!  Citizen-Cincom is proud to present Low Frequency Vibration (LFV) cutting on our famed L220VIII model.  This exciting new technology facilitates programmable chip control to reduce chip size and break up your chips. 

Citizen’s Low Vibration Cutting (LFV) Technology

  • Ideal for difficult to machine materials – chip control/tool life extension
  • Malleable materials such as copper and plastic, previously impossible to control chips – easily controlled with LFV.
  • Break up of chips into very small pieces 
    • Reduction of down-time/increase in productivity and profit
    • Efficiency through a combination of vibration and standard-cutting
    • Very fine work pieces are possible
    • Excellent for deep hole drilling

Citizen LFV Cutting Technology — Reduced Chip Sizes

• Programmable chip control
• Chips are broken up and do not become entangled with the material or tool.
• Cutting resistance is lowered.
• Reduce or remove the need for high pressure coolant
• No built-up edge is formed.
• The machining temperature doesn’t rise so there is little susceptibility to distortion. 
• Tool life is extended.
• Very fine cuts are possible

IMTS ’16 is in the Books!  

IMTS ‘16 seems like it was just yesterday.  However, today is a new day to apply Citizen and Miyano productive technology.  We were greatly inspired by the "Can Do" attitude of all our visitors.  Pictured is the team from Ram Precision (www.ramprecision.com) in front of our Citizen-Cincom L220XII, purchased at this year’s show.  Ram will be taking delivery soon and looks forward to coupling the L220XII’s game-changing B-axis live tooling capability with their existing Citizen-Cincom Swiss-type technology.  Ram’s vast experience machining both complex and medical parts, make them an ideal resource for your Swiss-type needs!

Citizen-Cincom L220XII 
Pictured from Ram Precision are (left to right) Jason Trubee (plant manager), Mike Webb (shop foreman), Rick Mount (president), and Lisle Lingenfelter (estimating/processing) 
Exciting New Product Launch from GenSwiss!
Concentric’s Swiss-type accessory partner GenSwiss has recently announced the North American launch of PCM’s Multi-Variable Platform (MVP) Live Tooling System.  Dramatically enhance your live tooling flexibility with this modular live tooling unit.  This new exciting system features a base drive unit that has multiple interchangeable tooling heads that can be used dependent on your application needs. 

PCM’s Multi-Variable Platform (MVP) Live Tooling System

Contact Concentric today for pricing and additional MVP product information!

The Need for Speed


Modern Machine Shop again features Citizen-Cincom Swiss-type turning centers, highlighting our speed demon L12VII model.  The .5” capacity, 7-axis L12VII includes 22 tool positions as standard (including 4 live spindles) and offers 15000 RPM main spindle speeds!  This was an excellent article detailing what it’s like for a first-time Cincom user and how Swiss-type processing has revolutionized their business.  The name of the game is dropping parts complete – one touch and out the door!  Read about how this shop’s transition to Citizen Swiss forever changed their business.
Data-Driven Manufacturing on Your Cincom 

 Cincom Machine Monitoring

Informative article from Modern Machine Shop detailing the benefits of machine monitoring on your Citizen-Cincom Swiss-type lathes.  “Machine monitoring (on a Cincom) is like adding overdrive to a Ferrari.”  Read about how a US-based Citizen-Cincom user implemented machine monitoring to take his business to the next level
Marubeni Citizen's resident Swiss guru, Brian Such, featured in this month's Cutting Tool Engineering.



Plastic Demands a Clean Cut 

Modern Machine ShopCheck out the feature in this month’s Modern Machine Shop which features Citizen and the Miyano BNA-42S!  


Why Miyano?


Miyano is the only conventional CNC lathe designed for production machining and unmanned operation.  These special design characteristics include high rigidity spindles, hand scraped slideways, and a platform style construction of the machine bed – all traditions that Miyano has passed down to the present day.  LEARN MORE...

Norman Noble, Inc. Purchases MCC’s 10,000th Machine Sold! 

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom’s 10,000th machine sold in North America 

Concentric Corporation customer, Norman Noble, Inc. was presented with a special award for the purchase of Marubeni Citizen-Cincom’s 10,000th machine sold in North America, at MCC’s 2015 Open House in Allendale, NJ.  Pictured (left to right) are Noble's President Chris Noble, Concentric's President Marc Klecka, Noble's Process Development Center Manager Scott Rymer, and MCC President Kenji Yamashita.  Here’s to 10,000 more!
Concentric Customer Copen Machine Featured in Production Machining Magazine! 
Concentric customer Copen Machine featured in Production Machining Magazine!

See article
The New Miyano BNE-51MSY

Introducing the latest combination of Citizen and Miyano advanced technologies. The ultra-efficient 2" capacity BNE-51MSY machine features two 12-station turrets (all live capable w/ Y-axis on upper). Live tools have 25 Nm of torque! Reduce your cycle times substantially with Citizen's proprietary multi-axis superimposition control technology that allows the BNE-51MSY's 2 turrets to function as 3 turrets. 3 tools in the cut is a reality! It truly includes the best of both Citizen and Miyano worlds, as the BNE-51MSY incorporates Miyano's trademark box ways and rigid, quality construction into its design. Production mill-turn's simply don't get better than this! Watch in the above video as we machine 2 threads and turn, all simultaneously.
Now Selling MiJET “Clean Parts, Clean Air” Product!

The MiJET unit, powered by air, is used near CNC machines or inspection stations to clean oil and chips from parts, then capture them with vacuum into a container for recycling. Watch this video and contact us for more information!

It Doesn’t Get Better than the Citizen L20XII for Your Medical Parts!

Check out this article in Manufacturing News magazine about how the Citizen L20XII’s fully integrated B-axis can reduce your medical cycle times and drop your complex parts complete faster than ever before!

Best CNC for Medical Parts

View inside the latest Citizen-Cincom L20XII machine added at MK Precision is shown. The L20XII is designed for contouring with simultaneous 4-axis control.

Introducing the New Laser System L2000 for the Citizen L20E-IX

This revolutionary combination of traditional Swiss-type machining with precision laser cutting on one platform is sure to change the game!
Polygon Turning on the New Gang-style Miyano BNA-42GTY with Heimatec Live Tooling:
Concentric President Marc Klecka featured in this month’s Micro Manufacturing magazine.  

Read article featured in Micro Manufacturing Magazine

Swiss style machine tooling 

Thirty-nine tools can be mounted in this Swiss-style machine. Image courtesy Marubeni Citizen-Cincom.


What Mentality Can Really Hurt Today’s Machine Tool Buyer?

This editorial does a great job explaining how buying a machine tool that is just “good enough” can adversely impact the purchaser and offers advice on how not to get stuck in this negative mindset.



Must-Read Citizen Productivity Article!  

Citizen CNC Machine 

Excellent cover feature from Cutting Tool Engineering Magazine on Swiss-type machining and Citizen machines. Be sure to check it out!


We Let Our B-Axis Do the Talking!

Citizen L20XII can do it all with its fully integrated B-axis live tool block

Capability. Capability. Capability.  The new Citizen L20XII can do it all with its fully integrated B-axis live tool block. Mounted on the gang tool slide, this B-axis tool block features 4 front/4 back-working live tool spindles. Oh, and that's not all. The L20XII is now convertible between guide bushing and non-guide bushing functionality. In NGB mode, we can now go up to 1” bar capacity.
Check out video of the new L20XII in action!