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U.S. Manufacturing Dead?  IMTS Says “Not So Fast My Friend!”
With much of the recent national media’s attention focused on the perceived slow death of the domestic manufacturing sector, IMTS strongly reiterated what has long been Concentric’s perception that U.S. manufacturing and precision machining is and always will be the top dog in this new global economy.  Both the Marubeni Citizen-Cincom and Miyano booths experienced a constant stream of impressed visitors to see the latest and greatest machine offerings from these renowned builders.  In between the countless oohs and aahs typically heard when visitors checked out the Citizen show parts created by MCC’s Brian Such, one couldn’t come away not enthused by the positivity held by many job shop owners and OEM’s who described their businesses as busier than ever.
As expected, Citizen’s new A32VII was the hit of the show.  While waiting for the final component of MCC’s 3-piece bell giveaway, viewers were amazed at the speed and capability provided by this low cost machining solution.  Even Citizen could not have been prepared for the feeding frenzy that transpired after its unveiling with all 17 imported machines in stock quickly sold out.  At Concentric, we were proud to sell our first A32 to Profile Grinding, Inc. (www.profilegrinding.com) in Cleveland, OH.  With this, their 6th Citizen model on their floor and first 32mm model, Profile Grinding knows the increased capability and flexibility of the A32VII will only further their reputation as one of the premier grinding services and precision manufacturers around.  Following their lead, Kernell’s Automatic Machining (www.kernellsautomatic.com), located in Berlin Heights, OH, purchased the last remaining A32 in stock.  A high production job shop, Kernell’s expects the A32VII will do well to complement their existing stable of Citizens and automatic screw machines. 
2008’s show marked the first IMTS in which Concentric represented the Miyano line.  It was exciting to spend time with our new Miyano customers and hear their input about the product.  This opportunity also provided an excellent chance to learn even more about these workhorses from those with significant firsthand experience in production.  Favorites among the visitors this year included the new GN-3200 designed for hard turning applications in lieu of grinding as well as the new BNJ-51SY2 and the classic twin turret model BNE-51SY5.  Miyano also displayed 2 prototype models that created quite a stir with the ABX-B (Super B), a 3-turret model with B-axis on lower turret, and the ABX-THY, a 3-turret model featuring Y-axis on all turrets.
At the conclusion of the show, Citizen and Miyano each made headlines when it was announced that Citizen Holdings Co. , with Miyano Machinery’s support, was bidding to increased its 30% share to a nearly 65% controlling interest in the firm.  With the development of synergies between these two firms to improve their operating efficiencies and effectiveness, Citizen and Miyano will long be names to be reckoned with in the precision machine tool trade.

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