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Miyano BNX-51MSY

Revolutionary multi-tasking with Cincom’s subspindle superimposition technology…

BNX Brochure with Specifications  |  Watch Video

BNX-51MSYWe’re proud to introduce the new Miyano BNX-51MSY.  This 2” bar capacity model features a 12-station turret (all positions live capable).  The BNX features Cincom’s famed subspindle superimposition technology to take your multi-tasking capability to the next level. 
So what can this superimposition technology enable you to do that's so revolutionary?

• Independent drilling on the main and subspindle, like a 2-turret machine!
• Independent turning, like a 2-turret machine!
• Independent boring, like a 2-turret machine!
• Independent threading (different pitch), like a 2-turret machine!
• Independent live milling/drilling, like a 2-turret machine!

The BNX-51MSY also features an auto safe tool call.  There's no need to send X home.  Save yourself cycle time! 

Oh, and don’t worry -  the BNX-51MSY features Miyano’s legendary hand scraped box ways and rigid machine design.  The highly rigid bed modeled on a “platform construction” is able to maintain a stable flat surface over long periods, has excellent heat dissipation characteristics due to ribs in a grid pattern, and minimizes distortion resulting from effects of heat.  The result? The most stable machining accuracy in the industry!

Like all Miyano’s, the BNX comes with chip conveyer, part conveyer, and parts catcher as standard.       


 Click the Play Button to watch video of the BNX in action!

BNJ Brochure