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Miyano BNE-51MSY

The Next Generation Production Lathe… 

BNE-51MSY Brochure with Specifications  |  Watch Video

Miyano BNEThe Miyano BNE-51MSY is the most innovative Miyano yet.   Featuring two 12-station turrets - an upper turret with Y-axis slide and lower turret (all positions live capable) -  as well as subspindle for high efficiency machining, the BNE-51MSY is able to handle more complex work with higher productivity to meet the increasing demand for value-added parts. What makes this machine so truly unique is the inclusion of Citizen's proprietary superimposition control technology which allows the user to “superimpose” the subspindle to the main turret as it’s cutting on the main side.  This special control technology allows you to independently machine on the front and back-side on the main turret simultaneously.  Essentially, your 2-turret machine can now perform as a virtual 3-turret machine – 3 tools in the cut!  Turn and cut 2 threads simultaneously!  By eliminating secondary operations and reducing part handling, the BNE-52MSY can substantially reduce your costs and improve your company's throughput.         



Typical Parts

Parts made using the Miyano BNE

Click the Play Button to see the BNE in action!

BNE Brochure