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Miyano BNA-Series

The best value lathe in the market…period.

BNA-42S Brochure with Specifications | Watch BNA-42S Video 
BNA-42GTY Brochure with Specifications | Watch BNA-42GTY Video
BNA-42MSY Brochure with Specifications Watch BNA-42MSY Video
BNA-42DHY Brochure with Specifications  Watch BNA-42DHY Video

BNA-42DHYMiyano BNA-42S
Featuring Miyano's legendary box ways and rigid machine design, the 1 5/8" capacity, 5-axis BNA-42S includes subspindle and 8 station turret (all positions live capable w/ half index capability).  Quite frankly, there is no better value in the lathe marketplace today.  Outfit with the Fanuc Oi-TD control, the Miyano BNA-42S will provide you with the lowest cost of total ownership compared to the competition.  Parts catcher, chip conveyer, workpiece conveyer, patrol light, and medium pressure coolant system all provided as standard.  Experience for yourself the Miyano ownership cost advantage! 

Miyano BNA-42GTY
The Miyano BNA-42GTY offers unmatched machining capability with its sliding headstock and high speed gang tool-style construction.  This 42mm capacity, highly rigid, 10-axis workhorse incorporates everything an operator could possibly ask for - a gang tool slide featuring 3 OD positions, 5 back ID positions, and 3 live tools, as well as an 8-station turret (all positions live capable) with half index mechanism and Y-axis.  With powerful proprietary Cincom-driven superimposition control technology, the BNA-42GTY can get 3 tools in the cut simultaneously!

Miyano BNA-42MSY
The Miyano BNA-42MSY is a 1 5/8” capacity, 7-axis workhorse with 8-station turret (all positions live capable w/ half index capability) with Y-axis and subspindle.  The BNA-42MSY's Cincom-powered multi-axis superimposition and X2 axis on the sub-spindle allow you to turn 2 different diameters simultaneously, thread simultaneously (different pitch), bore simultaneously, all on a single turret.  Why pay the price for 2 turrets, when you can get the same results with a single turret with Miyano! 

Miyano BNA-42DHY
For when the Miyano BNA-42MSY just isn’t enough!  The Miyano BNA-42DHY comes equipped with subspindle,  8-station main turret with Y-axis (all positions live tooling capable), and also includes a 6-station static turret for use with secondary operations on the subspindle.      


Miyano Model BND



 Click Play to watch video of the BNA-42S  in action!

Miyano BNA-42S Brochure

Click Play to watch video of the BNA-42GTY in action!

BNA-42GTY pdf


Click Play to watch video of the BNA-42MSY in action!



Click Play to watch video of the BNA-42DHY in action!

BNA-42DHY pdf