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Demand for A20VII Intensifies after AMTS 2008

If the economy is mired in a significant recession, the crowd at this year's Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Show (AMTS) sure didn't indicate it. 

Held once again at the Dayton (OH) Airport Expo Center on October 22 and 23, a steady stream of visitors swarmed Concentric's booth to see the new low-cost Citizen, 7-axis, A20VII.  Making the same cam shaft prominently featured at this year's IMTS (see video), visitors were impressed with the speed (32m/min rapids) and live-tooling capabililty (4-live) that allowed us to drop this unique part complete with no secondary operations. 
As a result of this show, significant purchase interest was shown for the remaining A20VII's this calender year.  Please contact us to secure your A20VII today! 

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