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Citizen M20V/M32VII/M32VIII

Limitless machining possibilities…  

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Citizen M432VIII
Citizen Model M20V/M32VII/M32VIII
The M432VIII is Citizen's most advanced machine model to date.  This 32mm capacity Goliath with 15 programmable axes features a 10-position turret with Y-axis that allows for more sophisticated and highly productive machining functions.  The new Mitsubishi M700 allows for significantly faster processing and reduced non-cut times vs. previous "M" generation.   In addition to the 10-position turret, the M432VIII features a rotational B-axis 3-position tool post off of the gang slide for angular machining and all new Y3 axis on the secondary tool block for even more tooling possibilities.  Unique machine construction and intelligent servo control make the machining of precision work pieces in minimal cycle time possible.  Three tool post construction allows machining with up to 3 tools on main and back spindle simultaneously.  One thing is for certain with Citizen’s new M-series machine – the only limitation to what you can create is your mind.  

Citizen M432VII     

If you don’t require the B-axis live tool post, then the M432VII is the machine for you.  Instead, it offers a 3 position live face tool post that can be manually adjusted.  The M432VII, like the type VIII, offers the Y3 axis on the back-working tool block to accommodate up to 3 tiers of tooling.  If you don’t need to use your 3 position live face block on the main spindle, it can be removed and mounted directly onto this secondary back-working block!

Citizen M420V

The 13/16” capacity M-series machine features 5 live tools on the gang tool slide, 10-station turret with Y-axis and live capability, and 5 back-working ID tool positions.  For when you don’t need 32 mm capacity!       

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M32 CNC Machines


Typical Parts

Typical Parts made with the Citizen M32

Click the Play Button to watch video of the M32VIII in action!

 M32 Brochure