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Citizen A20VII

Tremendous capability at an attractive value… 

A20VII Brochure with Specifications   |   Watch Video

Citizen A20-VIIThe Citizen A20 has been acclaimed by customers as a high capability, low-cost machine solution.  Now, we are launching the A320VII model which offers the potential to convert from guide bushing to non-guide bushing mode.  The A320VII shares the outstanding cost performance of its predecessor, achieving an extraordinarily reasonable price for a 7-axis, 13/16” capacity machine.  The additional X2-axis on the subspindle enables front/back simultaneous machining.  This feature, coupled with fast 32m/min rapid feed rate, significantly reduces your cut cycle times.  Equipped with 21 total tools - 4 live tools, 5 turning tools on the gang tool post, 8 tools for back-end work, and 4 tools for front-end work - the A320VII is ready to prove how the combination of price and performance can elevate the throughput of your facility!  



Typical Parts

Typical Parts made with A20

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A20 Brochure