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Citizen L32 Series

The return of a Citizen favorite….  

Watch Video of the L32XII

L20The L32 is back!  Replacing the A32VII is the return of the renowned Citizen L32 series.  The 1 ¼” capacity L32 series includes 3 different versions to fit your specific machining needs, each offering varying degrees of tooling sophistication.  The L32 machines feature the powerful Mitsubishi Meldas 70LPC control, with software developed by Citizen, to enable extraordinarily fast processing speeds.  The user-friendly editing function, which utilizes multi-line multi-axes programming along with superimposed and synchronized control, makes setting up the most complex jobs easy.  The L32’s offer the potential to convert from guide bushing mode to none-guide bushing mode depending on your application.  Thus, the machine can be used as an automatic lathe with two roles in a single machine: as a regular guide bushing-type automatic lathe when machining long thin workpieces, and as a guide bushing-less automatic lathe when using cold drawn material and to leave shorter remnant bars.  Workpiece conveyers are included as standard with this machine model. 

Citizen L32VIII
The 1 ¼” capacity, 7-axis Citizen L32VIII offers both capability and versatility, at a great value.  Our entire L-series catalog incorporates tooling modularity into its design to give the user the utmost control over his tooling set-up.  The L32VIII includes 20 tools as standard including 5 live spindles.

Citizen L32X
The L32X offers a Y-axis on the back tool post for the subspindle.  This special feature provides even more tooling optionality.  Now you can mount up to a maximum of 44 potential tools!  This back live post can accommodate 4 live spindles and 5 static ID positions.

Citizen L32XII
The L32XII includes the aforementioned Y-axis to the back tool post, but also a fully integrated B-axis live tool spindle mounted on the gang tool slide.  This B-axis block includes 4 live front-working and 4 live back-working positions.  The swivel angle can be set over the range from 90° to -45°.  This feature allows for easy contouring  and drilling slanted holes at any number of different angles!

 Y-Axis on Back Tool Post 

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B-Axis on Back Tool Block 

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Typical Parts

Typical Parts

Example Workpiece Machined Using the B-Axis

Typical B-Axis Parts

Click the Play Button to watch video of the L32XII in action!